The research in Dr. Chen's Group, broadly defined as Biomolecular Engineering, interfaces Chemistry, Biology, and Chemical Engineering. By applying Metabolic Engineering, Protein Engineering, and other molecular engineering tools, the group is addressing several fundamental issues associated with the use of Enzyme and Microbial Technology in biotechnological applications. Biomolecular Engineering is a rapidly evolving field, encompassing an ever increasing number of areas. The group passionately pursues those that impact medicine (especially cancer therapy) and the environment (Sustainable Technology or Green Chemistry). Specifically, the group has the following active projects:

  • Protein Engineering - Glyco-Diversification of Natural Products for Drug Discovery (Anticancer/Antiviral/ Antimicrobial)

  • Metabolic Engineering - Agrobacterium sp. and E. coli for Oligosaccharides/Sugar Polymer Synthesis

  • Cellular Membrane Engineering - Control the Flow of Molecules into/from Cells Through Genetic Engineering

  • Renewable Chemical Feedstock - Ethanol from Cellulose, Xylose and Xylo-Oligosaccharides from Hemicellulose, Vanillin from Corn Fibers, and Other Value-Added Chemicals from Biomass

  • Self-Assembled Protein Nanostructures with Novel Functions - Multifunctional Catalysts and Therapeutic Agents